Shifting The Focus To Experience-Centric Observability

Forbes / January 23, 2024

Aditya is Conviva‘s chief product officer and co-founder.


User experience is increasingly magnified as we leverage digital platforms for everything. In an unfortunate twist, it’s the user experience that too many digital businesses neglect while trying to stand out in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.

For decades, brands have invested millions in expensive observability tools to understand how their systems perform and, in theory, their impact on user experience. However, these tools don’t offer operations teams insight into how back-end performance impacts user experience.

Operations teams are critical for systems monitoring, incident resolution and performance optimization to address issues before escalation. They need visibility, scale and real-time actionability directly tied to user experience. However, today’s tools are infrastructure-centric and fragmented, and they can’t scale with increasing user traffic.

As a result, operations teams struggle to connect back-end systems with factors that impact business outcomes like user experience and engagement—leaving them without context on issue priority, costly and inefficient processes, and user frustration.

Operations’ focus must progress from low-level system performance—an “infrastructure-centric” approach—to high-level user experience. Experience-centric observability can empower operations and engineering teams with greater efficiency, connection to business outcomes and cost-effectiveness…


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