Realign your shareholders behind a common growth strategy. Rationalize your company’s cap table. Reinvigorate your investor base.

Second Alpha’s has the right mix of capital, expertise and experience to assist in:

  • Accommodating the needs of investors who need liquidity today


  • Realigning your board and investors behind a common growth strategy that allows management to focus on execution


  • Adding fresh perspective and energy to your investor base


  • Providing new capital alongside a buyout of existing shareholders


  • Advising on complex or sensitive shareholder situations.


Second Alpha is committed to building relationships with managers and providing quick, professional and fair solutions to problems commonly faced by private companies. Second Alpha is discrete and straightforward. Company executives who contact Second Alpha can expect a confidential, constructive conversation.

Liquidity for shareholders before your company is ready to exit.
Solutions for simplifying cap tables, bolstering balance sheets and refreshing syndicates.

Second Alpha’s team knows precisely how hard the job of a CFO can get at all the various points in a private company’s growth curve.  We can help in:

  • Accommodating the needs of tired investors who desire liquidity today

  • Structuring solutions for investors, founders and/or employees

  • Providing new capital to the company as part of a solution

  • Paying-down or converting debt as part of a solution

  • Aggregating shareholder sales with a single value-added investor

  • Simplifying cap tables and restructuring balance sheets

  • Leading recaps, stepping into unfilled spots in pay-to-play financings

Second Alpha is quick, professional and fair. And we’re happy to suggest creative solutions for practical near-term and long-term challenges – the kind of solutions that unlock value and make CFO’s lives easier.

Set up a conversation with Second Alpha today. You’ll be glad you did.