Thinking about finally putting something in the bank?
If done carefully with the right investor, taking a little – or a lot – off the table can be good for you.

Your company is the biggest investment you own. But these days the payoff seems to take forever. Removing some chips from the table before the end of the game can make good sense – if done the right way, with the right partner.

For entrepreneurs who want some liquidity, but who also want to bring a value-added investor to the party, Second Alpha can offer:

  • No muss, no fuss solutions

  • No online auctions, no broken or complicated processes

  • Discrete conversations without fanfare, embarrassing hype, or press releases about key founders or executives “selling out”

  • Straight talk, fair pricing

  • Solutions that help companies by providing additional working capital, if required

  • A new member of the investor-base with the know-how to help private companies grow

To set up a quick, confidential chat, feel free to contact Second Alpha today.  Team members are always happy to talk about situations large, small, simple or complex.