Mirantis Acquisition Adds Real-Time Application Discovery, Observability, Security, and Operations to the Lens Platform

Mirantis / January 26, 2023

Shipa technology combines with popular Lens developer platform to extend management capabilities beyond containers to applications 

CAMPBELL, Calif., January 26, 2023 – Mirantis, freeing developers to create their most valuable code, today announced that it has acquired the Santa Clara, California-based Shipa to add automated application discovery, operations, security, and observability to the Lens Kubernetes Platform. 

Lens helps eliminate Kubernetes complexity – accelerating mainstream developer adoption – and empowers users to easily manage, develop, debug, monitor, and troubleshoot their workloads across multiple clusters in real-time, supporting any certified Kubernetes distribution, on any infrastructure. Shipa’s technology brings application intelligence and awareness to Lens, making it easy and simple for Kubernetes app owners to run, optimize, secure, and support their apps anywhere. With minimal effort, users can see how their apps and microservices are deployed, along with a graphical view of network connections and maps of application dependencies. Moreover, users can create and share run books tuned to their needs building on a library of certified templates for a variety of use cases and security requirements. 

“Our goal at Shipa, from the beginning, was to give DevOps and platform engineering teams the capability to choose their own underlying tools with a focus on automation to reduce the complexity of the technology infrastructure required by cloud-native applications,” said Bruno Andrade, co-founder and CEO of Shipa. “Our technology makes deployment and management of applications and updates much easier and faster by letting developers focus on what they do best and not infrastructure.”

Shipa, like Lens, reduces complexity – shielding developers from having to know the intricacies of Kubernetes – helping to deliver and manage applications faster while improving security and governance, as well as making updates easier. Mirantis and Shipa engineering teams are working on an integration with Lens Desktop with plans for March availability.

“Shipa’s technology puts ground-breaking application discovery, optimization, security, and management capabilities in the hands of Lens users,” said Adrian Ionel, co-founder and CEO of Mirantis. “It will help cloud native software teams move even faster, freeing them to code and innovate.”

Lens lowers the barrier of entry for those just getting started with Kubernetes and radically improves productivity for people with more experience. Lens has more than 20,000 stars on GitHub, with an installed base of one million (50% of Fortune 100 companies are using Lens today), making Lens the most popular integrated development environment (IDE) for Kubernetes.

“We were the first investors in Shipa’s vision of application infrastructure-as-code, and now, as shareholders in Mirantis, we can’t wait to continue our journey together,” said Shipa investor Ashmeet Sidana, founder and chief engineer of Engineering Capital. “Mirantis has a terrific track record with acquisitions and we believe Shipa is complementary to Mirantis’ vision of simplifying the Kubernetes developer experience – adding the observability and management of applications. We are looking forward to watching the combined vision come to fruition.”

The integration with Lens provides visibility into applications with security policies applied consistently from CI/CD or GitOps pipelines. Shipa provides complete visibility over application services, ownership, resource consumption, policy compliance, service communication, and more. Management of applications is done independent of infrastructure with connections to incident management tools, vulnerability scanners, as well as integrations with Terraform, Slack, and GitHub Actions.

In addition, Shipa will be integrated with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE), the industry-leading container orchestration platform for developing and running modern applications at scale, on private clouds, public clouds, and on bare metal.

Shipa team joins Mirantis

Shipa co-founders Andrade and vice president of engineering Vivek Pandey will join Mirantis along with the rest of the Shipa team. Andrade previously held engineering leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Oracle, and IBM and was the CEO of HTBASE.

Pandey co-founded CloudBees and served various roles, from software development to engineering leadership roles. He has expertise in a number of areas, including distributed systems, software tooling, cloud operations, SaaS systems, and user experience.

The acquisition of Shipa follows Mirantis’ acquisition of amazee.io in July 2022. amazee technology has since been integrated into Lens and MKE to boost developer productivity.

Mirantis also acquired Docker Enterprise in 2019 and immediately integrated the technology into its Kubernetes platform. Nearly 100 new customers chose the Mirantis container technology to support their digital transformation initiatives, and over this time, customer satisfaction has soared. 

Soon after the Docker agreement, Mirantis doubled down on its long-standing commitment to open source, hiring the staff behind Kontena – and invested heavily in Lens and the development of k0s. Technology from Kontena has been integrated into Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and Mirantis Container Runtime. 

About Shipa

Shipa delivers a unique cloud-native application-as-code platform. Using Shipa, organizations speed up application deployment, management, and security by detaching the application layer from the underlying infrastructure. By providing a consistent application definition, developers have a standard experience for working with applications across any infrastructure, and DevOps can evolve infrastructure without any impact on developer activities. Shipa is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.