Corporates Solutions for investments that are no longer strategic, or for when corporate balance sheets could benefit from returning some capital. Large corporations have invested in external startups for many years now with strategic and financial objectives in mind. Under ideal circumstances, corporate investors are able to identify new startups and exploit synergies between itself […]

VC & PE Funds

VC & PE Funds Discrete liquidity for funds that want to get out, when they want to get out. Solutions for investor syndicates that need to replace a member. Second Alpha is uniquely qualified in the industry to provide liquidity to shareholders and be a hands-on, value-added contributor to private company investor syndicates.  The Second […]


Angels You invested early and might want to consider some options to take home some or all of your return without waiting for the final company exit. The increase in time to exit for venture-backed companies affects not only institutional investors, but also angels. Achieving liquidity enables angels to plow returns into new startups, which […]


Management Realign your shareholders behind a common growth strategy. Rationalize your company’s cap table. Reinvigorate your investor base. Second Alpha’s has the right mix of capital, expertise and experience to assist in: Accommodating the needs of investors who need liquidity today   Realigning your board and investors behind a common growth strategy that allows management […]


Founders Thinking about finally putting something in the bank?If done carefully with the right investor, taking a little – or a lot – off the table can be good for you. Your company is the biggest investment you own. But these days the payoff seems to take forever. Removing some chips from the table before […]