About Second Alpha

Mission. Second Alpha is different than most private equity firms. Second Alpha makes secondary investments in private companies, purchasing shares from existing shareholders – founders, executives, angels, VCs or corporate investors. In addition, the firm invests in situations involving debt conversions, restructurings, recapitalizations or pay-to-play financings.

Conviction. Second Alpha was founded on the conviction that ten years is a long time for any shareholder to wait to receive some liquidity for an investment. Beyond their direct effects on investor returns, the long holding periods that have developed since the Dotcom Era have also threatened to disincentivize entrepreneurial risk taking and limit innovation. Second Alpha sees itself as a pioneer in the type of value-added secondary investing that is a natural and highly complementary component of the evolving venture cycle.

Data Orientation. Behind the scenes, Second Alpha relies on a great deal of careful data analysis to identify the types of companies in which it invests. The work that the Second Alpha team puts into its research helps to create more efficient due diligence processes, facilitate faster investment decisions and drive better results.

Community. Second Alpha serves a vital new function in the innovation community. The firm enables entrepreneurs, VCs and other investors to achieve partial or full liquidity within a reasonable time frame without having to force a company into an exit process before it is ready. Second Alpha takes on a supportive role in investor syndicates, providing capital, advice and energy to companies at key moments in their life cycle, and its team members leverage extensive industry experience when active board participation is required.