Innovative Capital Solutions for Private companies & their Shareholders

Times have changed.

Building private companies takes more effort, dedication and capital than ever before. And achieving company exits by trade sale or IPO takes more than double the time that it did a decade ago. As a result, founders, executives and investors face tremendous challenges maintaining a collective focus on corporate aspirations while also pursuing their own individual return objectives.

Second Alpha Partners can help. Second Alpha crafts innovative capital solutions that allow founders, managers and investors in private companies to achieve liquidity prior to company sales or IPOs. Second Alpha buys shares and convertible securities on a secondary basis.

Second Alpha thinks in terms of relationships not transactions. So Second Alpha is willing to do more than just write a check. The firm is able to leverage its team’s extensive experience in the venture industry to better position the companies in which it invests for long-term success.

Second Alpha’s team has structured numerous types of secondary-linked, special situations and traditional equity investments in private companies, from the simplest to the most complex and exotic. Regardless of the specifics of a given situation, those who approach Second Alpha can expect a response that is knowledgeable, constructive, friendly and discrete.